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Part 2, please. This was pretty imaginative. I liked it quite a bit.

killourkid responds:

part 2 is already on newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/595021, i hope you like it! thanks for the high score!

Good job but...

The story seemed to be a simplified version of the movie Pleasantville. It looks pretty great for 48 hours or work, but I cant get passed the fact that the idea is not as original as some of the other viewers seem to think (and that drives me kind of crazy). Based on animation I'm going to give it an 8. Im not impressed with the story though.

Have you ever chopped down a tree?

The way that businessman chopped the tree would have made it fall in the opposite direction. This simple flaw pisses me off and because of it im only going to give you a five out of five. Fuck ass...do your research, damn it.

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That game was so simple and yet very addicting. it had me hocked for about 20 minutes until i relized that i was playing that long. I hope this game is saved so i can play it in the futeur. Thanks for the fun times.

Your welcome.

You know i was the one who oficialy saved your cartoon thingy when i gave it a five. Not that im an asshole bragger but i am just very proud because this was the very first thing that i have ever saved on ng. And last night it was my first real blam because i got the cartoon for that too. It was totally sweet. and i think that this thing is totally sweet too.

TheUltimateMe responds:

Whoa, thanks! It feels warm inside when you save something...


I liked it and if you make more i will play them.

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Love it

This shit is fun as fuck to rap to. Great job!

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Fuck That!

I would NEVER let my broom talk to me like that.

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I'm really happy.

I'm so glad i stumbled across this song...its fucking swee! Brings back all the great memories of playing Half Life, and very well made too.

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